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The rematch between “The Pacman” and “The Perfect Storm” will soon be held in MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada for a WBO Welterweight title. The controversial concluded first fight that happened on 09Jun12 favored on Bradley taking the WBO Welterweight title. Mark the date| 12 April 2014 |Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 will be an intensely exciting fight once the four gloves are offered in the ring.


Pacquiao (left) and Bradley (right) pose during their press conference in New York on 06Feb14.

Manny Pacquiao, 35, from Philippines and Timothy Ray Bradley, 30, from United States will again storm the boxing arena exchanging blows to prove who deserves the title rightly. The recent taunts from the American boxer energizes motivation to Pacquiao after his victory against Rios on 24Nov13. Mark the date| 12 April 2014 |Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 will inspire both fans and whichever ranks as the decider will take a leap to challenge the sleeping Mayweather.

On a charismatic reply, Pacquiao said in a statement:

The more he says that, the more he inspires me to show the hunger and killer instinct he’s talking about.

Pacquiao possesses 55-5 statistics with 2 draws and 38 knockouts. The younger Bradley having 31-0 on his record with 12 knockouts confidently challenges the veteran Filipino boxer looking forward for their fight by next month. All parties are exhausting all efforts on their preparation and this rematch will give Pacquiao a chance to prove the he is still at his best and he is not too old enough to box with the young ones.

The first fight was a memorable one for Pacquiao as he shared his insights. He was confident that he won the fight but turned out to be an upside down controversial split decision from the judges. Pacquiao accepted the lost but felt not satisfied after knowing the crowd’s reaction siding him from 1st to the 12th round.

The Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 fight will erase the misconceptions on the first one and will prove whether the storm will barrage the pacman or the pacman will devour the storm.


Winner by unanimous decision- Manny Pacquiao on 12 Apr 14. See this article for the round by round narration.

Image Source: www.sports.yahoo.com